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Straw Hat Parrot’s Rescue was founded in 2021 by James Weeks. This 501(c)3 rescue organization was created to provide a safe place for injured, abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted parrots to heal and find a wonderful family.

James was introduced to birdkeeping in 2004 through volunteering at a local rescue, at the young age of 18. His lifestyle at the time did not support keeping his own personal parrots, as he was working as a mechanic and taking college courses. When he was 22 years old, he left home to enlist in the United States Marine Corps as an Attack Helicopter Plane Captain. Any time he was home, he would go visit the parrots at the rescue he had volunteered at. While he loves every parrot he has met, James has an obvious soft spot for macaws and their fun-loving personalities.

This incredible United States Marine Corps veteran moved into South Carolina in 2018 following the damage that Hurricane Florence inflicted on the North Carolina Coastline. Prior to moving, he had established a homestead that included horses, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and guineas as well as his dogs, cats and turtles. He reestablished a much simpler life in South Carolina and was quickly drawn towards parrots. What started as an idea evolved into a passionate obsession as he began his journey into aviculture. James is involved in many aspects of aviculture including his 501(c)3 rescue, education, companion parrots, free-flight and have a small breeding program for a few rare/endangered species. James strives to give the best possible life that he can to any creature in his care and nearly every waking moment is dedicated to learning and practicing how he can live in harmony with his amazing companions.

...I reached out to James. He was so kind and informative, we felt this was a positive move for us. He is truly the bird whisperer! We encourage anyone to check out his rescue facility, you’ll love it and may find your new pet parrot!
— Sherri Hayes, November 2023


What we offer here at SHPR

We Rescue, Rehabilitate, Retrain and Rehome any and all displaced, unwanted, mistreated, neglected and abused companion parrots as well as enhancing the lives of companion parrots through educating the public on proper parrot care. We are also advocates of free flight and we are committed to giving these incredible creatures the best care we can based on current practices and knowledge in aviculture.



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